Over the river and through the woods

Party traveled towards Feymarsh.

Ambushed by bandits.

Siobhan showed up as a wolf and killed a bandit.

Delia was caught in a net and didn’t fight.

The Shrike cut her loose with an Errol Flynn chandelier maneuver.

Bandits defeated.

Captured bandit said they were part of Martin’s men and these were Martin’s woods. Said Martin is based out of Silverton. Shrike let him go if he promised to either give up thieving or steal from the rich and give to the poor instead of Martin.

Arrived in Eelbridge. City is struck by plague. Group refused to go in city and sent Siobhan as messenger bird to summon Osbert to city outskirts.

Osbert came with full entourage but was disappointed there were so few. Still grateful for any help. Feymarsh has many problems.

*Martin’s bandits infesting woods
*Rumors of monsters in other woods
*Raids on villages
*Plague in Eelbridge. Possibly hillfolk curse

Group agreed to investigate ruins of hillfolk kingdom in mountains to see if plague is a hillfolk curse.


OwlbearCamus OwlbearCamus

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