Rivka al Zarqa


Class: Wizard
Level: 1
XP: 2
Look: Sharp Eyes, Styled Hair, Strange Robes, and Thin Body

STR 8 -1
DEX 9 +0
CON 11 +0
INT 17 +2
WIS 15 +1
CHA 13 +1

Damage: D4
Armor: 0
Hit Points: 15/15

Alignment: Neutral

Siobhan will play an important role in the events to come. I have foreseen it!
The Mole of Shang is keeping an important secret from me.
The Shrike is woefully misinformed about the world; I will him all that I can.

Bag of Books (5 uses, 2 weight)
Healing Potions x3
Antitoxin x3
Dagger (Hand, 1 weight)

Starting Moves:
Prepare Spells
Cast a Spell (INT)
Spell Defense

Advanced Moves:


Unseen Servant

First Level
Magic Missile
Cure Light Wounds


Rivka al Zarqa was originally from Tortall. Her Tortallan name was Rebecca. She has two twin sisters. Their Tortallan names were Ella and Madeline. They are two years younger than her. At age five her and her family went to live in Persepolis so that her father could take a position in the court of Martin of Meron.

At age six she saw for the first time ever a statue of the Mother Goddess made of gold with rubies for eyes. She was so impressed that she decided to dedicate her life to the goddess. At age seven her mother gave her a very small medallion of the mother goddess which she still wears to this day.

At age nine her family were ambushed by hillmen while traveling. Her parents tried to defend the family. They died that day. Rebecca and her sisters were rescued by Bazhir tribesmen who adopted them into the tribe of the Soaring Sparrow. Rebecca and her sisters took Bazhir names, and Rivka became the shaman of the tribe at age eleven.

Rivka al Zarqa

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